Play Ground Inflatables

6 meters high inside our Adventurous Space Rocket, there is So much fun for the little ones and nothing can beat this awesome adrenaline.

Each and every inflatable passes through here, this is where all the magic comes from so never judge a book by its cover for there is always a fun jumping day behind this little pet.

We talk and practice Quality, all our inflatables are made from the the best quality material thus saving you lots of money and time, this is the best strong bonded nylon for stitching, webbing to strengthen your inflatable for a longer durability and brass eyelets for air inlet making your inflatable smarter than a stitched rope.

All inflatables are checked and inspected to make sure they are 100% safe for users, Safety is our priority we value life more than money.

Our inflatables are hygienically cleaned on daily basis, so that you can have the best fun day on a clean and healthy environment.

Space Rockets are the most popular at any fun day and they are fun for both young and old that is why they are always inspected before going out, we guarantee you loads of fun so please do not hesitate to join us for some fun.